Ramadan Chic: Taking It From Day to Night

How to take your A.M. look into a busy evening of iftars, mosques, and more...


pregnancy tips

Pregnancy is hard so ILLUME has gotten our mommy writers together to give their tips! In this article, a journalist and mother of 4 gives her tips on surviving pregnancy.


Can Indias New Commission Curb Rapes QA With Justice Leila Seth

Former Chief Justice Leila Seth of the Himachal Pradesh High Court is one of the three members in the committee the government has set up to make anti-rape laws stronger.


Latina Immigrants The New Ambassadors of Islam

Latina Muslim women in the United States are now assuming leadership roles in Islamic organizations and leading efforts to spread Islamic teachings in Latin America and beyond.


The Nail Polish Fatwa Halal Beauty Market More Lucrative Than Ever

The sale of 'halal certified' beauty and personal care products is thriving. Many businesses are slowly learning how lucrative the market can be. According to MuslimVillage.com, this market is worth over $5 billion globally.


On Day of the Girl, Critical Look At Hypersexualization

In developing nations, child birth is the largest cause of death among girls who are between 15 to 19 years of age. Forced child marriages are one of the biggest concerns emerging from these societies.


Libyan-American Student Aspires to be Nation's First Hijab-Clad Anchorwoman

Noor Tagouri, a 19-year-old college student, wants to become the first Muslim hijabi anchorwoman in America.


Dirty Paki Lingerie Goes to Edinburgh

Sex, religion, and politics collide as six Pakistani-American Muslim females air their dirty lingerie.


Qatari Students Create Navigation System for the Blind

An all-female team of students from Qatar University has created a wearable navigation device for the blind and visually imparied.


Hillary Clinton Teams Up With ESPN To Empower Women

A new partnership between Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and ESPN’s John Skipper has been set forth in hopes of empowering women and girls globally through sports and mentorship.