Starbucks Serves Up More Racism

Last month, two English speaking Koreans at a Starbucks in Georgia discovered that their barista drew slanted eyes on their cups.


"Reverse Racism" on the Rise: Report

A study by researchers at Tufts University and Harvard Business School has found that many white people believe that anti-white racism has increased and even surpassed racism towards black people.


The New Muslim Cool: Islamic Eco Rap

A humanities instructor by day and social activist by night, California based hip-hop artist 'Professor A.L.I.' is behind a cool new era of enviro-activism in a bid to raise awareness of Islamophobia in America.


A Legacy for a Son Whose Character, After 9/11, Was Misjudged

If memory serves, the police captain met me over coffee on a Wednesday night in October 2001, when the world was dizzy with menace.


U.S. Imams Arrested for Alleged Pakistani Taliban Links

Two South Florida imams and a third family member were arrested Saturday on charges of providing support to the Pakistani Taliban, the Justice Department said.


Social Conservative Bryan Fischer: Muslims Are Stupid Because Of Inbreeding

Social conservative Bryan Fischer said Thursday that centuries of inbreeding has resulted in an enormous cost in intellectual capacity among Muslims.


Taliban Join the Twitter Revolution

When the Taliban ruled Afghanistan, they eschewed most modern technology, including television and music players.


French Football Racial Quota Scandal

The French Football Federation (FFF) and the French Sports Ministry concluded this Tuesday that there is no evidence of plans to impose quotas on players who might opt to play for countries other than France.


Young Arab-Americans and the ‘Arab Spring’

Arab-Americans have, understandably, been avid followers of news about the uprisings in the Middle East and North Africa.


Christians, Muslims and Solidarity: The Egyptian Challenge

As sectarian violence escalates in Cairo, what can Egyptians do to rekindle the patriotic unity that defined their recent revolution?