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HBO talk show host Bill Maher is used to putting people in the hot seat. But on last Friday's show, the tables turned when Maher had his anti-Islam rant. Guest Glenn Greenwald put Maher in the hot seat, schooling him on issues of foreign policy and U.S.- Middle Eastern relations.


IRS Tea Party Scandal

Is the IRS being more favorable to Muslim nonprofits than Tea Party groups? A recent investigation shows that the IRS has been stonewalling Tea Party nonprofit applications. Now, Republican lawmakers are calling for a deeper investigation.


7 Questions for Yasir Qadhi: A Scholar & Muslim-American Leader.

We chat with Yassir Qadhi, an American imam, on Boston, Islamophobia and the way forward for the American Muslim community.


Death of a Prisoner Guantanamos Legacy

Adnan Latif's death, 10 years after being imprisoned in Guantanamo Bay, leaves its mark.


The Rising Tide Environmental Refugees

The modern world has long thought of refugees in strictly political terms, victims in a world riven by competing ideologies.


We Are In This Together: Young People of Different Faiths Reflect on Sikh Shootings

To the families in Wisconsin, as a group of young people of different faiths from across the world - we offer our hands in unity.


After Allegations of Threatening Afghan-American Employees, Toyota Dealership Settles Lawsuit

A Toyota car dealership has agreed to pay $400,000 to settle an employee discrimination lawsuit brought by the Equal Employment Opportunity commission.


Second Summer Fire Destroys Missouri Mosque, Arson Suspected

A mosque in Joplin, Missouri, that had been the target of at least one previous arson attack burned to the ground in a suspicious fire Monday morning, according to police reports.


Faith, Civic Engagement and the 2012 US Elections

Muslim American civic engagement has been on the rise. But come November, will Muslims take their faith-based commitment to social justice to the voting booth?


In Buddhist Myanmar, Monks Gone Wild

For a country steeped in Buddhism, Myanmar is accruing terrible karmic debts.