Conan's Cartoon Comic Comment Crap

Late night comedian Conan O'Brien's tweet about female Muslim superhero backfires.


Terror Suspect Uses Burqa to Evade Police

Manhunt on For Missing Terror Suspect


Obama Knew About NSA Spying on German Chancellor Merkel

White House officials had some knowledge about NSA surveillance program


Two Muslim Groups Named as Anti-Israeli

Two Muslim groups rank in the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) newly released top 10 list of anti-Israel groups in the United States.


U.S. Drone Strikes Violate International Law: Report

A new report released by Amnesty International says U.S. drones strikes in Pakistan may violate international law.


Australias Sarah Palin Believes Islam Is a Country

Meet Australia's Sarah Palin. Stephanie Banister, 27, is running on the ultranationalist One Nation party platform in next month's Australian federal election.


Muslim Business’ Bank Accounts Closing Without Explanation

Muslim businesses and nonprofits in Michigan have seen a startling wave of bank account closures in recent months.


Put some HAM in MoHAMed. Bullets designed to send Muslims straight "to hell"

Jihawg, an ammunition company created with the idea of spreading PEACE THROUGh PORK


Boston Bombing, Islamophobia and Sudden Ignorance Syndrome

Read Dr. Hatem Bazian's opinion on Sudden Ignorance Syndrome-- which, he writes, renders an otherwise highly educated, university graduate and professional “expert” completely ignorant and incapable of basic logic, sound arguments and understanding.


Fareed Senzai Hatem Bazian ISPU Bay Area Muslim Study

Dr. Farid Senzai and Dr. Hatem Bazian released the findings of their long awaited study on Muslims in the Bay Area. ILLUME sums up this fascinating report in a quick article on a few key things to know about Bay Area Muslims. Of course, be sure to read the report, as well!