How to choose a college major

Choosing a college major can be scary. Here are 5 tips on choosing a major.


Reverse Culture Shock is a Lonely Experience

After Ilham’s year at Madison College as part of the Community College Initiative program, he knew to experience some reverse culture shock when he went home. But he wrote in to share how he wasn’t prepared for what it was really like to go back to Indonesia; in particular, he’s having trouble rekindling relationships with friends and family who don’t seem that interested in sharing his study abroad experience. Here’s what Ilham wasn’t ready to encounter, and what he thinks you should know to expect:


What Black High School Grads Need to Hear

According to the U.S. census, about 2.6 million black boys and girls attend high schools across the United States. Although the vast majority of black children complete high school, most do not complete college. Many first-generation college students have fewer financial, family and community resources to persist through the more challenging aspects of college, such as dealing with financial obligations, meeting academic requirements and finding opportunities for postbaccalaureate life.


Online Classes May Force Changes at Universities

Many top tier universities are now offering free courses online-- How is this changing the way Americans are learning? Do you still need to go to a top-tier university to get top-tier education? Read what Voice of America has to say about this!


UC President: Serving Minorities 'Key Question' Going Forward

In August, University of California President Mark Yudof will step down after a five-year tenure that coincided with one of the worst economic downturns in recent memory and a historic demographic shift that continues to play out across the social and political landscape, as well as in higher education. Yudof spoke with New America Media editor Peter Schurmann about how the University of California has met these challenges and its plans for the road ahead.


Meow Meow Maulana: Children's eBook About Prophet Muhammad

The creators of Meow, Meow Maulana: The Story of Muhammad, an illustrated children's ebook about the Prophet Muhammad, are running a kickstarter campaign to bring the concept to life.


Startup for English Learners Helps Underprivileged Children in Morocco

Nadia Bentoua, a Moroccan native and English teacher turned social entreprenuer, has launched the newest platform for education—a social networking site for English language learners.


World Faith India Gives Hope to Slum Children

World Faith, an organization that mobilizes religiously-diverse youth in action, recently opened its second slum-based school called the Rainbow School.


Tawakkol Karman Brings Arab Spring to Bay Area

Her country named her the "Mother of the Revolution," and for it, the world awarded her the Noble Peace Prize.


Oops We Did it Again! Desi Wins the Spelling Bee

The Indian American parent can rest easy for another year. The beloved crown is secure. The kingdom is still in desi hands.