Iran Makes an Offer to the President: We Will Help Clean Up the Gulf

Iran has offered to assist President Barack Obama in dealing with the massive Gulf of Mexico oil spill, the response to which many Americans say has not been swift and adequate enough on part of the Obama Administration.


Clean-up Resumes After Tropical Storm Bonnie Downgraded

Cleanup resumed at the site of the blown-out BP well Saturday after threats of a tropical storm system delayed crews for three days.


Gulf Coast Oil Contained; Next Steps, Undecided

After 85 days, 184 million gallons, and a (benchmark) of one of the nation’s worst environmental disasters, oil stopped spilling into the Gulf Coast on Thursday.


Obama Suspends Deepwater Oil Drilling Until November

President Barack Obama sent a clear statement Monday that he is committed to continue deepwater drilling after the administration fully investigates and enforces safety standards to avoid future hazards.


Japan Accused of Using Prostitutes, Bribes on Whaling Vote

The Sunday Times (London, UK) claims that its undercover investigation shows Japan bribed officials from six small governments with cash and prostitutes to influence their votes on the International Whaling Commission (IWC).