New Eco-Park Opens In Jordan

Last week, the Sharhabil Bin Hassneh EcoPark in Jordan was opened after six years of planning which saw the development of several thousand dunams of land in the Jordan Valley.


Worlds Thirstiest Country May Be First To Run Out Of Water

According to experts cited by CNN, Yemen could be the first nation to completely run out of water in as little as 10 years, a prospect that creates a grim future for the young population of 24 million that is expected to double in 20 years.


Eco-Lessons To Empower Women in Abu Dhabi

The launch of a ‘Sustainable Lifestyles’ campaign will give more than 720 women in Abu Dhabi the opportunity to learn about the environment and how they can take positive action to protect the planet.


Luxury Architecture in Mecca: Has Hajj Lost Its Egalitarian Spirit?

As the most iconic structure of Islam, the cuboid Ka’bah in Mecca is one of striking simplicity.


Earth's Magnetic Poles Shift, Impacts Tampa Runway

Earth’s North Pole is gravitating towards Russia with the ramifications felt all the way in Florida.


Muslims Asked to Pray for Rain in Texas

The Texas chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-TX) has called on mosques across that state to offer prayers for rain.


''Green Deen'' Connects Environmentalism With Islam

For the past ten years, Ibrahim Abdul-Matin has been a passionate voice for transforming our pollution based way of life to one that prioritises our planet and its people.


Federal Findings Show Faulty Testing by BP Contractor, Halliburton

Despite findings of a federal investigation highlighting Haliburton Co.’s alleged role in the BP oil spill in April, the company will likely avoid additional liability in the accident, according to analysts and legal experts.


Take A Break From Carbon With The ‘Oil Fast’

Fasting is a natural, religious and spiritual affair which is practised by many people all over the world.


Speaking up for the Environment

With businesses in the UAE slowly beginning to take the environment message seriously, it seems that scholars and imams are now doing the same.