How Saudi Arabia Plans To Win The Food War

Without its oil wealth, Saudi Arabia’s 27 million inhabitants would eventually starve.


Contaminated Zam Zam Holy Water From Mecca Sold in UK

Holy drinking water contaminated with arsenic is being sold illegally to Muslims by UK shops, the BBC has found.


The Man Behind Palestine’s Green City Rawabi

Since announcing plans to build Palestine’s first planned and green city back in 2008, the Rawabi project has faced its fair share of criticism.


Bigger, Taller, Better? Architecture and Modernity in Contemporary Dubai

If one could imagine Gotham City in the Arabian Gulf, they would undoubtedly think of Dubai.


Powerful Quake Shakes Japan

A tsunami warning is in place following an 8.8-magnitude earthquake that shook Japan early Friday. Building swayed for several minutes, sending people out on the streets.


What Happened To Islams Environmentally Friendly Architecture?

From luxury architecture in Mecca to the blinged-out buildings of Dubai, it seems that Islamic architecture is all about opulence and grandeur.


Help Save The World’s First Green Synagogue

Help save the world’s first green synagogue which is currently under threat of closing down due to financial difficulties.


Dubai's World Is Sinking

If Dubai's financial crisis was not enough of a problem now its world is falling down.


What Islam Teaches About Protecting the Planet

People are often surprised when I tell them that my faith, Islam, has an ecological imperative. In fact, I believe that all faiths have, at their very core, this same imperative.


Israeli Designer Creates a Green Toilet for India’s Slum Dwellers

Israel’s Noa Lerner is developing a mobile public toilet for third world urban slum dwellers.