Florida County Elects First Muslim Woman

Sharief is the first African-American, and the first Muslim, elected mayor for Broward County


Australias Sarah Palin Believes Islam Is a Country

Meet Australia's Sarah Palin. Stephanie Banister, 27, is running on the ultranationalist One Nation party platform in next month's Australian federal election.


Iranian and American Elections Have Similarities

Echoes of the U.S. election of 2012 are clearly present in Iran, where Hassan Rowhani has just been elected president.


Will The IRS Tea Party Scandal Get Obama Impeached?

Why is the IRS Tea Party Scandal so important? Because some are calling for President Obama to be impeached as a result. And after a horrible week with the AP scandal and the Benghazi issue, is impeachment on the horizon?


Who is Future US Federal Judge Sri Srinivasan and Why Do We Care?

Former Solicitor General Sri Srinivasan's nomination to the DC Circuit Court of Appeals has been approved today. This is a huge deal because as rumor has it, he's next in line for the US Supreme Court. Why does this matter? Because the DC Circuit hears many important cases, namely, Guantanamo prisoner cases. Also, if he makes it to SCOTUS, he'll be the first Asian American there!


Ahmadis Forced to Skip Pakistani Elections Once Again

This year's general elections in Pakistan marks a turning point as its democratically elected government completes its five-year constitutional term for the first time in its country's history. However, on Election Day members of the Ahmadiyya community will be sitting at home with their televisions turned off yet again, unable to cast their votes to take part in this historic moment.


On Election Day, the Arab Spring Comes to Bay Ridge, Brooklyn

A get-out-the-vote campaign in one of New York City's largest Muslim communities targets recent arrivals who are learning the basics of democracy as they vote.


Social Media and the Minority Vote

Recent trends suggest that technology is not an add-on to campaigns. Rather, it is a carefully integrated strategy.


Stumping for My President How Bill Clinton Won the 2012 Election

Bill Clinton turned to the cheering crowd.“As you can see, I have given my voice in the service of my president,” he said.


Voters Guide to Romnesia

The Republican healthcare ticket for Election 2012 profoundly contrasts with its Democratic counterpart on a host of key issues.