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Faith, Civic Engagement and the 2012 US Elections

Muslim American civic engagement has been on the rise. But come November, will Muslims take their faith-based commitment to social justice to the voting booth?


Young Arab-Americans and the ‘Arab Spring’

Arab-Americans have, understandably, been avid followers of news about the uprisings in the Middle East and North Africa.


American Muslims Still Live in a Climate of Hate

News of Osama bin Laden’s death has not come without more incidents of backlash towards American Muslims.


Growing Up During War On Terror Hard On Young Muslim-Americans

The specter of Osama bin Laden and the Sept. 11 attacks defined an entire generation of young Americans.


The Post-Osama Muslim-American

In the eyes of many Americans, bin Laden has also become one of the most visible icons of "Islam" alongside Muhammad Ali and Malcolm X.


Obama Pays Respects At Ground Zero

President Obama laid a wreath at Ground Zero in Lower Manhattan Thursday afternoon. He led a moment of silence during the ceremony for the victims of 9/11.


Osama Bin Laden and The Arab Uprising

As a Brit, I’ve seen the effects of al-Qa’eda’s style of violent Islamism firsthand.


Obama Rejects Releasing Bin Laden Death Photos

President Barack Obama has told a television channel that he has decided not to release photos showing the body of Osama Bin Laden.


After Nine Years, DHS Drops "SB 1070 for Muslims"

After nine years of pressure from civil rights advocates, the Department of Homeland Security has quietly announced the end of NSEERS.


Abbottabad Stunned by Bin Laden Revelation

"Nobody here believes that it really happened." Those were the words spoken today by the dean of an Abbottabad area girls' college.