Photo Essay


The Beauty of Singapore

Singapore is a diverse place, where cultures and religions collide. Here are some beautiful photos of the beauty that is Singapore.


Detroit in Ruins: City Files For Bankruptcy

Detroit has filed for the largest municipal bankruptcy in American history. Find out what that means and see some pictures of Detroit in ruins.


Breakfast juice smoothies

Need a morning boost? These whole blended juice recipes can give you a powerful breakfast, and keep you going all day.


Clothing and Fashion Of The Muslim World

fashion of the muslim world


Ramadan Recipes From Around the World

Ramadan is a time when many gather around the dinner table and feast to break the fast. But not all Muslims are the same, and neither is Muslim cuisine. Here are some Ramadan recipes from around the world.


Copy Of Fashion Fighting Famine Show Inspires and Unites

Fashion Fighting Famine is the most anticipated Islamic fashion show in America, with global designers, attendees, live entertainment, and an eclectic mix of social and mass media personalities.


Malcolm X and the Nation of Islam

LIFE photographer Eve Arnold spent a year photographing Malcom X and the Nation of Islam.


Syrian Artists Paint Against Government's Ba’ath Newspaper

This project takes on one of the Syrian Government’s most prominent symbols – The Ba’ath Newspaper – as part and parcel of the Baath Security State – and here turns it upside down to be a surface of new thoughts written by the Syrian people thus overturning the daily chronicle of government lies.


Destruction Across Syria

Syrian photographers from around the country are revealing, sharing, and archiving Syria's uprising through photographs which showcase destruction.


Eid Celebrations in the Maldives

In the Maldives, Eid festivities help lighten the mood.