Tuning in for Obama’s Middle East Speech

President Barack Obama plans a major speech on the Middle East Thursday. Marco Werman speaks with Tariq Ramadan about what Muslims communities around the world will be listening for Obama’s speech.


Radio for Palestinian Women

The World’s Matthew Bell reports on a unique radio station in Ramallah dedicated to Palestinian women.


Bridging Wickets Through Cricket

Cricket is wildly popular among South Asians, a passion that survives the journey of immigrants to the United States. Now cricket is gaining fans among some New York City police officers as a way to connect to New York’s growing South Asian communities. Correspondent Lily Jamali reports.


Lifting The Veil: Muslim Women Explain Their Choice

American Muslim women discuss their choice to unveil; many now wear the headscarf only for prayers.


Afghanistan's Che Guevara Is a Woman

Shirin Sadeghi interviews revolutionary Afghan activist Malalai Joya, about her new memoir, A Woman Among Warlords.


In Love and Hip-Hop

SheSoWriteous host Yahsmin premieres a new podcast featuring an interview with Colorado based hip-hop couple The ReMinders and a classic track off their album, ReCollect.


Pop Star Turns Public Figure

SheSoWriteous host Yahsmin Mayaan Binti BoBo continues into the second episode of her new podcast featuring an interview with Islamic Relief rep and Native Deen member, Naeem Muhammad.


Being Out and Being Muslim

Often, individuals who identify as non-heterosexual are found in the fringes of not only societies, but communities and families as well. They are often over-looked and cast aside as individuals that have a place only in the margins of society, safe in the outer-realms of our comfort zone.


Being a Black Muslim in Contemporary America

Black History Month is celebrated in America and Canada in February each year. The UK celebrates it in October. The aim is to recognize the important role Blacks have played around the world, and honouring the likes of Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King. Fahad Farruqi caught up with Preacher Moss of the group 'Allah Made Me Funny', to talk about what being a Black Muslim in contemporary America means.


Sharia Arbitration in Britain

Two years ago Britain’s Archbishop of Canterbury provoked a storm of criticism by suggesting it might be necessary for the British legal system to incorporate certain aspects of sharia for its Muslim citizens.