Where Will Syria's Chemical Weapons Go? America May Not Be Ready For Transfer

Blueprint to destroy Syria's chemical weapons has huge holes.


Mourning an Icon: Nelson Mandela

The former South African president, who spent 27 years in prison for fighting apartheid, has died.


Some Lesser-Known Facts About Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela remained on U.S. terrorist watch-list until 2008.


New Report: Problems Ahead for Afghan Democracy

More than half of Afghans polled say they are afraid to take part in the democratic process such as voting and attending peaceful protests. The annual poll was conducted by the Asia Foundation, a non-profit international development group.


State Department to Challenge Jihadists with New Online Program

In a new pilot program launched Wednesday, online analysts and bloggers at the U.S. State Department are posting messages to jihadist websites.


Independent Kurdish Oil Sales Raises Concerns Over United Iraq

Billions in oil sales may influence Iraqi Kurds to push for full independence.


Afghans May Delay National Elections Due To Cold Weather

Afghan leaders consider moving national elections due to cold weather and snow.


Bashir Out at MSNBC Over Palin Comments

Bashir out over Palin comments.


8 of Top 10 Corrupt Countries Are Muslim Nations

8 of the 10 most corrupt are Muslim countries. U.S. ranks 19th.


Residents Concerned About Muslim Attitudes With Women-Only Pool Time

Some residents say women-only swimming suggests Muslim women may fear men in the community.