Nadia Bentoua, a Moroccan native and English teacher turned social entreprenuer, has launched the newest platform for education—a social networking site for English language learners.

The startup, Dynamic English Lessons, is "built with the lessons that learners want, not what others 'think' they want,” says Bentoua. 

Users get the opportunity to learn grammar through hip-hop and other types of music, talk about issues such as bullying, racism and learn about other cultures. In addition, Bentoua has created personal lessons for users to learn resume-writing skills, job interview practices and more.

Bentoua decided to use the rapid transformation of communication and rise of social media to her advantage, wanting to better the education system, which seemed to be developing much more slowly than technology.

“As soon as there is a break in the class, most students will immediately log on to their favorite social networking sites. I thought ‘imagine how good and beneficial it would be if we combined the both!’”

The social enterprise donates half of its proceeds to help underprivileged Moroccan children receive education.

Bentoua says she hopes to first reach out to children in small Berber and Arab towns outside of her home-town of Essaouira, a city in western Morocco where she feels a close connection to after visiting local children. The funds earned will go towards education equipment such as stationary and books, classroom furniture, and teachers’ wages.

The site can be utilized for 5 dollars a month, and aimes to educate thousands in North Africa and the Middle East, while giving those less fortunate access to education.

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