A frequent convict conned his way into courtrooms, where law enforcement officials say he tried over 60 cases before getting caught. Tahir Malik is a 47-year-old man from Skokie, Illinois with a rap sheet long enough, authorities say, for him to become very acquainted with the legal system.

''From his own arrest history, he was familiar enough with the court system to make certain motions and file certain documents with this court,'' Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart said, adding that the only thing Malik didn’t do was get a law degree. A press release issued by the sheriff’s department says Malik spent time in prison for a burglary and has also previously been convicted for theft, shoplifting and criminal trespass. 

Now Malik faces two counts of false impersonation for claiming to be a lawyer.  Authorities say his clients were charged $500 to $4,500 for each case. 

Marcus Moore says he was duped by Malik who represented him in over nineteen traffic and misdemeanor offenses. 

''He sounded like an attorney,'' Moore said.  ''He walked around the courtroom like he was a hotshot, strutting around, you know. That really made me think the guy was a lawyer.''

Malik’s father, Rahim, however, says his son isn’t a criminal.

''He was just trying to help people who can't speak English and who aren't familiar with the system,'' he said.


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