This year, ILLUME magazine was invited to the State Department iftar dinner, which is set for July 24, 2013.

But the iftar might not happen, as many American Muslim individuals and groups are waging an online protest against the dinner.

The iftar dinner is the ceremonial breaking of the fast during the month of Ramadan. It occurs at sunset. Each year since 2001 now, the State Department has hosted an iftar, inviting many prominent Muslim individuals and leaders.

This year, with issues such as drone attacks in Muslim nations and the Guananamo Bay force feedings, several have taken to Twitter, calling for a boycott of the event.

Writer Omid Safi calls for a boycott on his blog, hosted at The Religion News Service.

CAIR San Francisco Bay Area Executive Director, Zahra Billoo, tweets:

But not all agree with the protesters.

Writes one Facebook user:

"I think this is a huge mistake. Withdrawing won't make those desired changes happen. Engagement will. These iftaars and how they bring Islam to the public eye as a common way of life in America is exactly what we want to happen. To sabotage that because we're unhappy with policies is really just sabotaging our ability to influence."

Read the Al Jazeera stream on this issue from earlier today.

Although invited, ILLUME magazine has no plans to attend the iftar this year, as none of our editors are available.

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