A Saudi princess has been charged with human trafficking.

Meshael Alayban, 42, was arrested Wednesday in Orange County for allegedly holding a domestic worker against her will.

Alayban, identified as one of the wives of Saudi Prince Abdulrahman bin Nasser bin Abdulaziz al Saud, faces one felony count and a maximum sentence of 12 years, if convicted.

A $5 million bail was set by an Orange County judge.

The worker, identified as a 30-year-old Kenyan woman, was forced to work 16 hours a day, seven days a week. She received only $220 a month, according to prosecutors.

Authorties said the woman's passports and documents were taken away by Alayban and she was held captive against her will.

The woman escaped Tuesday and flagged down a bus. She was able to get in touch with Irvine Police with the help of a passenger.

Alayban has been ordered to surrender her passport and must wear a GPS tracking device. 

Four other women were found by Irvine police and immigration and homeland security agents in Alayban's Orange County condominium. 

The women appear to be in good health, with no signs of physical abuse.

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