Feb.1 updates: At least 2 million people attend Million Person March in Cairo. A Million others are  protesting in other districts of Egypt. 1:00 PM

Recent updates Jan. 31:

Hundreds of thousands are stil protesting in Egypt. Many have went on hunger strikes in Egypt. New cabinet appointe by Mubarak. Aljazeera blocked in Egypt, their equipment confiscated. 11:15 AM

Recent updates Jan. 30:

Million march planned for Tuesday, Feb.1 in Egypt.  5:15 PM

--- The Arab world is fired up and continues to revolt against their corrupt governments.

Egyptians have been protesting since Jan. 25. At least 100 are dead while Mubarak is refusing to step down, although he appointed a vice president, Omar Solaiman and fired his Cabinet  on Friday.

Inspired by Egyptian and Tunisian protests, Sudan started protesting today after citizens creating a Facebook event,

The event calls for:

''The people of Sudan will not remain silent anymore, It is about time we demand our rights and take what’s ours in a peaceful demonstration that will not involve any acts of sabotage, We will demonstrate against the rising of the prices, the corruption, unemployment and all false practices of the government such as violence against women and lashing them in ways that breaks all laws of religions and humanity and the violation of minorities rights. … our brothers in Tunisia did it and so did our brothers in Egypt. It is about time for us.''

Syria is planning a massive anti-government on Feb. 5

Thousands have been protesting in Jordan, calling for Prime Minister Samir Rifai to step down.

Algerians are protesting and calling for change. Human rights activists are planning a major protest on Feb.12





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