Two self-identifying Muslim lesbians tied the knot in the United Kingdom recently.

Rehana Kausar, 34, and Sobia Kamar, 29, claim that they're soulmates. They met three years prior to getting married and were living together one year before their marital union.

The two Pakistani women have wed one and other in a UK civil partnership, becoming the first reported Pakistani lesbian couple to wed in matrimony. They chose to get married under UK's Civil Partnership Act, although they failed to perform the nikkah, which is the required Isamic marriage ceremony. According to a relative, no imam would conduct the nikkah for the two women.

But all aren't quick to celebrate their joy. Kausar and Kamar have applied for political asylum in the United Kingdom, claiming that they face the threat of persectution of they return to their native Pakistan.

In immigration law, when a person faces the threat of torture or death in their home country, they could be granted eventual immigration as refugees-- essentially, those seeing refuge or sanctuary from danger.

As Muslim lesbians, they would inevitably face such threats, as much of the Muslim world fails to recognize homosexuality as acceptable.

Nevertheless, Muslims scholars have been facing increasing heat to moderate their comments as relating to gay Muslims. In the UK, Tim Winter, the Dean of Cambridge Muslim College, made a public apology for his 15 year old comments calling homosexuality "inherently ugly."

In his apology, he recanted that statement and publicly stated that he no longer holds those views.

In America, the issue has been discussed and addressed by scholars for years. American Muslim scholar, Dr. Sherman Jackson, stated in his video lecture Is There a Place for Gay Muslims? that Muslims aren't supposed to shun others that easily.

As for accepting homosexual Muslims, Dr. Jackson stated that Muslims should accept gay Muslims--even if they choose not to accept their acts as Islamic.

"We accept them as brothers or sisters who are engaged in indiscretion that doesn't meet Allah's pleasure."

Still, the vast majority of Muslims can't grasp the distinction between rejecting the act of homsexualtiy and rejecting a gay or lesbian Muslim. For many, the phrases "Muslim lesbian" and "gay Muslim" are oxymorons.

But scholars aren't urging Muslims to accept homosexuality as a part of Islamic principal. That's a discussion that has yet to take place in the Muslim world, if it takes place at all. They are simply saying that Muslims shouldn't be so fast as denouncing gay Muslims as disbelievers.

"Homosexuals can be Muslims," Dr. Jackson says.

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