Huma Abedin is fighting off scandals of her own, as her husband, Anthony Weiner, finds himself deeper into the throws of Weinergate II.

Her job is coming  into question. Meanwhile, her husband fights off questions on his marital indiscretions as more women come out of the shadows and claim to have received lewd photos from Weiner.  

Abedin has been at former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's side for several years. Now, in the midst of her husband's campaign for New York mayor, her job at the Department of State is coming into question. Republican Senator Chuck Grassley sent a letter to the State Department last month, seeking further information on Huma's jobs.

For a period in 2012, Abedin worked as a "special government employee." This job lasted for a little under a year. It's nevertheless causing controversy in the throws of the mayoral campaign, specifically because she also held another job at that time-- a consulting job with Teneo, a private firm that gave private investors information about the government.

In total, Abedin reportedly earned $485,000 from both jobs. But the issue isn't money. It's the conflict of interest. One one hand, she was working in a role close to government officials. On the other hand, she was paid to give information on them.

Grassley raised questions on whether the government officials who worked with Abedin knew that she was also working the private job.

As of Friday, no information has been handed over to Grassley.

Meanwhile, Weiner made some new revelations this week, saying that he has been involved with six to ten women, sending sexually explicit messages and photos.

Oscar de la Renta, a friend of Abedin's, spoke up about the scandal.

"In life, people do give a second chance. But third or fourth, I don't know."

Attempts to reach Abedin's office went unanswered.

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