So, there is a new boy in town.  Literally.  The Prince of Cambridge was born on July 22, in London (in case, maybe because of the full moon, you somehow missed this news "breaking" on every news platform).  Baby Boy UK (you heard it here first!) is now the third in the line of succession to the throne of England - check out the popular Showtime series "The Tudors" for some insight into the history Baby Boy UK inherits.  This little fella follows grandpa Charles and daddy William. 

Truth be told, what I don't understand is: What's the big deal?

Well, I take that back.  I do get it, at least in theory.  This new baby boy may one day be an important political figure.  He will be the political figurehead of the United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland), as well as 16 British Commonwealth countries: Antigua and Barbuda, Australia, Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Canada, Grenada, Jamaica, Nevis, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, the Solomon Islands, Saint Lucia, Saint Christopher and Tuvalu.

Plus, many people around the world suffer from I guess what is best described as a fairytale complex:  princes and princesses, a real-life drama Queen, royal families and royal scandals - which the British family has not been short of.  The "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, but didn't" for necked Uncle Harry, comes to mind.

But seriously, I royally don't care.  You would think this is some major global-news worthy event.  ALL the major news outlets have shipped their reporter staff to London.  You would think that major news outlets should be sending reporters and staff to, oh… I dunno, say Washington DC, where something really revolutionary is happening in American politics.  Don't know what I am talking about?  The military trail of whistleblower and WikiLeaks source Mr. Bradley Manning in underway.  It has political ramification for us all - as our system of justice, too, is put on trail.

Look, if you are wrapped in the Baby Boy UK, cool.  It's not a crime.  But then don't complain when the media feeds you this rubbish/crap.  You become part of the problem.  The media is a two way street.  If you don't like that TV stations are leading the royal birth (or whatever non-sense stuff they put out sometimes) - DO SOMETHING!  I see the bitchy blogs and facebook thrashing about how unimportant Baby Boy UK is.  That venting and ranting helps, but to really be effective, to really do something about it, you need to engage with your favorite media outlets. 

It is not hard to find out their newsroom's email or phone number.  Send them a quick message.  Let them know you demand they do better job covering real news.  Now, the onus is on you.

Long live the (news) Empire!! 

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