Filing for divorce with the court isn't easy. Divorce is a rough time but if you're not smart, you could make it even rougher for yourself.

For one, Facebook can be your enemy. So can online matrimonial websites and other online social media tools.

It's not a good idea to post too much on Facebook or Twitter if you're going through a divorce. Remember-- social media can be quite revealing. And the last thing you want is to reveal more than you need to reveal. It can be used against you as evidence in divorce court.

According to a recent survey by the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers (AAML), 64 percent of respondents cite as a source of evidence for divorce cases.

But isn't the only place used to gather evidence. It's well known that divorce lawyers are also using Facebook to compile evidence for divorce proceedings, reports CBS Boston.

There are some posts and photos that could be damaging to you.

For example, any posts that are dishonest can be very harmful in a divorce case. Status updates that claim you're single when, in fact, you're still married can come back to work against you in a divorce proceeding. In fact, relationship status is the most often cited piece of evidence taken from these websites.

Similarly, a status that indicates you don't have any children would be dishonest. It could affect your case.

Other things that could hurt you are party photos. If you're partying it up, you might be seen as an unfit parent. That could hurt you in a child custody case.

In a child custody case, bad and abusive online behavior towards your ex can be very damaging.

Both of these behaviors are viewed as negative factors by the court when weighing child custody options.

Facebook posts can be very damaging to your case when you're unwittingly disclosing financial information. When you're in the process of dividing your assets , Facebook photos and profile details can reveal more than you want them to.

The bottom line-- play it safe when posting on Facebook if you're filing for divorce.

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