Anthony Weiner has announced that he is running for Mayor of New York City.

While this announcement comes less than two years after Weiner was placed in national headlines for his marital discrepancies, his past might not be what mars his bid for the Mayor's office.

In fact, as the NYC mayoral campaign unfolds, there might be many fires that the Weiner camp will need to put out.

His wife, Huma Abedin, appears to be embrawled in a mini-scandal of her own. Abedin, an aide to Hillary Rodham Clinton, allegedly failed to disclose some of her outside income on her financial disclosure forms.

As a "special government employee," namely, an advisor to the office of the State Department, Abedin had an obligation to disclose income received from private clients, reports Huffington Post.

According to publicly released tax returns, Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin had reported income of close to $500,000.

This scandal is only minor compared to the scandal that Weiner and Abedin faced two years ago. At that time, Weiner was allegedly involved in sexually suggestive conversations with women on Twitter. Weiner, who is of the Jewish faith, married Abedin, a Muslim, in July 2010. The couple has one child together-- Jordan Weiner.

With the NYC mayoral campaign in its early stages, this only marks the first of many items of dirty laundry to be aired.

Will Weiner weather through the election without a reference to his marital issues? Will Abedin stand by his side as she has for the past few years, a faithful wife?

What lies in store for his political powerhouse couple?

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