[INFOGRAPHIC] Crowdsourcing Against Hatemonger Pamela Geller

A grassroots organization responds to Pamela Geller's NYC ad campaign.

Using the crowdfunding site IndieGoGo, Talk Back to Hate is raising $7,500 to run subway ads in New York City as a counter-response to Islamophobe extraordinaire, Pamela Geller's inflammatory ads.

The campaign claims no affiliation to any political or religious group and is run by Akiva Freidlin, who describes himself as "a thirty-year-old white guy who lives in Manhattan".

Freidlin, a grandchild of Holocaust survivors, calls on all New Yorkers to stand in solidarity with their Muslim neighbors and "talk back to hate".

You can check out and support the campaign here: http://www.indiegogo.com/TalkBacktoHate

                                                                Ben Zafar

Ben Zafar is a freelance photographer and photojournalist based in New York City.