Brit Boxer Amir 'King' Khan Prepares for Molina Fight

Amir Khan has been a quite talked about man in the past few weeks. He’s gotten heavy criticism for parting ways with his former trainer, Freddie Roach, and it was even rumored he was spotted partying in Spain with other women. 

Along with the negative media attention, his performance in the ring hasn’t been any better since taking losses to Lamont Peterson and Danny Garcia. 

Recently Khan has been spotted in the Bay Area, home to Shalimar, while getting ready for an upcoming fight. 

He goes about his day quite normally, rarely being mobbed, and that too humbly, by a few fans asking for his autograph or a picture.  

Maybe it’s the fact that he looks like your everyday south Asian, rocking a faux-hawk and V-neck sweaters. 

After all, he just isn’t as imposing as a heavyweight; he stands a few inches below six feet, and weighs about 140 pounds.  

For the fans that have caught a glimpse of Amir, he’s got a friendly look on his face, and usually is in no hurry to leave without fulfilling your requests. 

But behind the calm demeanor and the boyish look, Khan is on a mission to redeem himself. 

In place of Roach, Khan has revamped his training staff, beginning with the hiring of Virgil Hunter. Yes, the Virgil Hunter who is the mastermind behind the undefeated and pound-for-pound fighter, Andre Ward.  

Ward is a Bay Area native and trains with Hunter out in Oakland. Hunter is known for his old school methodologies where he trains heavily in the art of defense. And protecting one’s self is a recipe for success that Khan is most definitely in need of.  

Lately, the media has been easy on Khan, but in a matter of days, the crowd of Los Angeles won’t be so quiet, and neither will Carlos Molina. 

On December 15, Khan will go toe to toe with Molina, and within his own self, will try to knock out any doubt left over from his previous fights.  

For Khan this loss could send him deeper into the rabbit hole. But with a win, the 25-year-old Brit will rekindle his legacy, and along the way, gain newfound respect.